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Finding reliable, yet affordable, ways to keep your IT systems running at peak efficiency and effectiveness can be a challenge for any business.

After all, your primary goal is offering excellent care to your customers. That’s why it makes so much sense to rely on the professionals at Vidius Solutions to provide the support you need to make sure your systems continue to support your operations. We offer a complete array of services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Experience the Vidius Difference


It’s our mission to be your IT business partner.

We want to learn your workflow and goals; then design, implement and manage solutions that will solve your IT problems and enable you to be successful in achieving your core business goals.

About Us

We are born out of decades of experience managing the infrastructure of one of the largest physician providers in the Southeast. We understand how to design effective and robust infrastructure, and keep critical systems running at their best, around the clock. Our 3 managed data center locations and network infrastructure can be leveraged to your business’ benefit; allowing for savings on hardware licensing and maintenance.


Our fully managed IT services include:

  • Comprehensive Network Administration

    A Network and Systems Engineer collaborates with you, or your team, to build IT best practices and ensure your environment performs optimally and with minimal risk to your business. On a regular basis, your Systems Engineer will perform a comprehensive status check to ensure your best practices are sustainable.

  • Managed Co-Location

    We can customize the hosting of your infrastructure - including dedicated physical and virtual servers, bandwidth, security, network backbone technology, service and support.

  • Proactive & Preventative Maintenance Service

    Critical systems are monitored and service tickets are automatically generated when a system or service fall outside pre-defined thresholds.

  • Remote Back-Up

    Secure, regular remote back-up of your critical systems and data by the Vidius team.

  • Managed Firewall

    Fully-managed, dedicated firewall protection including: perimeter security, intrusion prevention, file blocking, anti-phishing, anti-spam, URL blocking/filtering, antivirus, anti-spyware, and secure SSL remote access for corporate users.

  • 24/7 Help Desk

    24×7 dedicated IT support team for your business technology and your team.


  • We listen, learn and observe your business model, company culture and IT goals.
  • Our team will analyze your daily business work flow and current IT environment. We will discuss your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Based on our analysis and your goals, we design a collaborative IT solution and plan for implementation. This will be tailored to your business, current infrastructure and future areas of growth.
  • Once Vidius has successfully implemented your full IT solution, we will continue to manage your systems and devices.
  • As your business grows and changes, so might your IT needs. Vidius will continually help you expand your current IT environment, refresh equipment or completely reimagine your infrastructure. Your systems evolve with your goals and needs.


To help bridge gaps in your current IT environment, our IT Project Team can perform:

  • Network audits, gap and risk analysis
  • Infrastructure upgrade recommendations
  • Network technology upgrades and conversions
  • Network security solutions
  • Legacy system decommissioning
  • Virtualization, storage and server consolidation solutions
  • Premise-based systems integration
  • Cloud & on premise technology conversions and integrations
  • Enterprise back-up, storage implementation and management
  • Secure remote access solutions
  • Infrastructure convergence with dedicated application development teams

Our Project Work allows you to increase efficiency in your business, while selecting services based on your needs.

At Vidius Solutions, our approach to IT project delivery prevents scope creep and maintains budget goals.

IT Security

We keep your information secure and processes flowing.

We offer the security of remote, dedicated data centers with backup redundancy and disaster-protection safeguards. Your data is highly secured in a state-of-the-art facility built to withstand severe weather events. Our data center includes dual power feeds from independent grids and redundancy for all critical systems, ensuring that data is always secure and available.

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