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Transmitting Data Via Human Touch

Connecting Society, Creating the Future was the theme of Ceatec Japan 2016, Asia’s massive technology showcase, and this year featured 648 exhibitors, an increase of 22 percent over last year. Here are just a few examples of cutting-edge innovations presented at the convention.

Power of Human Touch

Data transmission has come a long way since the days of the Pony Express, the telegraph and the telegram – and Panasonic is ready to take us one significant step further. They’ve created a data transmission prototype that relies upon human touch. Managed through a radio field placed on a person’s skin, data can be securely sent up to 100kbps – and, when this person touches someone else (or an object) that also has this radio field, data can be exchanged.

At the Ceatec show, Panasonic demonstrated someone holding a color-coded ball. When that person touched a sensor-enabled lamp, the lamp changed colors to match the hue of the ball. Shake someone’s hand and her skirt changes color:

With this innovation, Panasonic has gone beyond wireless and you can find more information in this article. Future applications being considered include unlocking a door by touching the knob or exchanging contact information through a handshake.

Current challenge: the technology is too big to fit within a smartphone or wristwatch, but Panasonic is “confident” that miniaturization is possible.

Future challenge: Remember the Jetsons cartoon? One fear described in the show was getting “push-button finger.” How far off is that concern?

Extraordinary Customer Service

If you own or manage a retail store, a hotel or any other business where excellent customer service is crucial, then take a look at Hitachi’s EMIEW3. Is something like this in your future? This humanoid robot can detect customers’ facial expressions, as well as their movements, and voluntarily approaches them to see how it can help. Although EMIEW debuted in 2005, this third generation robot has significantly advanced technology.

Meanwhile, ROPITS, a personal mobility device, will meet its user at a specified location, navigating sidewalks by itself. This single passenger device can travel to locations found on a tablet, avoiding pedestrians and other obstacles.

 Unprecedented Data Storage

Seagate and TDK have collaborated to devise technology that can create hard drives with capacities of 20TB by 2020 – if not before – called HAMR. This stands for heat-assisted magnetic recording because this innovation uses fine lasers to heat the hard drive’s platter to increase the drive’s ability to store data. The initial product release should be a 2.5-inch drive at 10,000 RPM, with the ultimate goal being hard drives with capacities of 50TB.

IT Services Today, Tomorrow and in the Future

On the one hand, these and other innovations are cool. Really cool. On the other hand, they can feel somewhat overwhelming as you try to sort out what you need to know, what’s interesting to know – and what doesn’t really matter to your business at all. What are the implications for your company of each innovation, now and in the future?

Well, that’s where we come in. We provide your company with the IT services you need right now and we monitor the ever-changing world of information technology so you can relax and focus on managing and growing your business. Contact us online or call 800-518-8230 so we can talk about how our fully managed IT lifecycle of services can help your company.

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