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Gartner Releases Annual Technology Trend Predictions

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New Technology Predictions for 2017

In October 2016, IT professionals and business executives met for Gartner’s Symposium ITxpo, where a highlight was Gartner’s top tech trends. Although not every trend will be relevant for every business, overall, these are crucial to keep in mind as you make plans for 2017 and beyond. As notes, the list shows how much intelligence is available to harness (and you can be sure that many of your competitors are doing exactly that!). provides a summary of the top ten strategic technology trends highlighted for 2017. Trends are broken down into three categories: intelligent, digital and mesh.


Three trends fall into this category: applied artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning; intelligent apps; and intelligent things. AI and machine learning, Forbes notes, is at a critical tipping point, where this one-two technological punch will “increasingly augment and extend virtually every technology enabled service, thing or application.”

If that sounds intimidating, know that you’re likely using it (or will be) without even being aware of it. In fact, a very recent article points out that Google will be making machine learning readily available to enterprises. Google would like AI to be handily available even as you view keyword search results. Google is also building data analysis into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. An example given: as a spreadsheet is populated from your device, a feature can analyze usage patterns and create a chart that displays the period of time connected to that spreadsheet.

Tech companies, according to predictions being made, will be spending time – at least through 2020 – creating systems that “learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously rather than simply execute predefined instructions.”


Three trends fall into this category, as well: virtual and augmented reality; digital twins; and blockchains and distributed ledgers. Taking a deeper dive into virtual reality (VR), companies are increasingly using this to provide training and remote experiences. Although these are primarily visual and auditory at this time, it is predicted that they will ultimately incorporate all human senses. shares insights into nine industries that are already using VR in practical and fun ways alike. For example, training in skilled trades is becoming much more economical because of VR. Welding trainees can perform virtual tasks that mimic real-life experiences as many times as necessary without the cost of materials being used up. This doesn’t entirely replace traditional training, but supplements it well, making it both faster and less expensive.

As far as education, virtual field trips supplement in-classroom experiences well. In Ireland, a school recreated a ruined monastery and surrounding cemetery in two weeks. Now students can explore the site without involving travel.


The four categories are conversational systems; digital technology platforms; mesh app and service architecture; and adaptive security architecture. Each of these refers to dynamic connections. Conversational systems, for example, allow a computer to “hear” what’s being communicated by people via multiple modalities (touch, sight, sound). These can be as simple as information being provided when someone asks for time and temperature to collecting testimony from witnesses of a crime.

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