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Switching IT Vendors: What to Consider

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Switching IT Vendors

Perhaps you’re actively unhappy with your current managed service provider or at least noticing that the vendor seems to simply be going through the motions rather than being an active partner in your company’s success. You’ve shared your concerns with the vendor but still don’t feel satisfied with the services provided.

You know it’s time to investigate other vendors, but want to do so efficiently and strategically. What’s the best process for switching IT vendors?

First, do a gut check. Do you need encouragement to get started? Is so, then provides a great perspective: “Relying on service providers who are comfortable with the status quo puts your company at a competitive disadvantage to those that are aggressively seeking the most innovative and progressive support.”

So, to take your company to the next level, it’s important to partner with an innovative and engaged IT vendor. Here are tips.

Review the Contract

If you’re under contract with the vendor, is there an end date? What termination clauses are in the contract? How much notice do you need to give? If there are problematic issues in the contract, it may make sense to consult an attorney to protect your company before giving the vendor notice.

And, if anything problematic does arise during this contract review, or even if potential problems were spotted, use this intelligence when negotiating with vendors in the future.

Selecting a New IT Vendor

Once you’ve made the decision to switch vendors, there are a few important considerations that are unique to IT vendors. The first is to make sure that key people in your company know administrator user names and passwords being used by your IT vendor – for the server, managed firewall, and any other accounts your tech has created for your computer system, perhaps as a backup system if problems arise with the administrator account. Test all of this login information to ensure accuracy, and do so before you let the vendor know you’re severing the agreement.

Is there any information about your Internet service provider that your IT vendor knows but you don’t? Gather that information. Are you the contact for your domain registrar (such as GoDaddy)? If you aren’t sure, double-check at

Before Making the Switch

Once you’ve chosen a new vendor, determine a start date and find out what the vendor needs from you to start. Together, come up with the most effective ways to communicate. Then share relevant information with employees who need to know so they can be prepared for any new procedures.

After the Switch

It’s crucial that you change all passwords. Even though the majority of IT vendors would not inappropriately use them after the contract ends, it has happened, and you need to protect your company’s assets.

Consider Vidius for Your IT Services: Innovative and Engaged

If you’re looking for a vendor who can offer comprehensive network management services, contact us to discuss specifics. With Vidius, you can collaborate with a network and systems engineer to create an environment where your system performs optimally according to IT best practices. We will perform a status check throughout the system regularly.

We can also customize infrastructure hosting; perform proactive and preventative maintenance; provide secure, regular remote backup of critical systems and data; and manage comprehensive firewall protection. Our dedicated IT support team is here for you, 24/7/365.

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